Nepal Government / DAO-Kathmandu Registered No.: 213/051-052
Social Welfare Council Affilation No.: 3250/052-053

National Kidney Center believes that a joined-up approach to health data is essential to improving healthcare and to supporting research. With the appropriate safeguards, this in turn will enable a better understanding of diseases leading to potential treatments and cures. Being able to draw insights from large amounts of anonymised data is vital in diseases such as kidney disease. The more we can learn about the early stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD), the more we can do to slow or halt progression of the disease and prevent more people from experiencing kidney failure. Analysis of patient data will be a powerful tool for better understanding the risks and adverse outcomes associated with CKD. For rarer renal diseases we need to be able to collect as much data as possible to enable us to describe the patient course and outcomes. This will be powerful in enabling further research into the development of new therapies.

National Kidney Center provides platform for research on Kidney diseases. Students studying BN, BSC(N), MN, MSC(N) are visiting NKC for research. We are committed to provide environment to conduct research in various aspect of Kidney diseases.

Research and Ethical Committe at National Kidney Center

  • Chairperson: Dr.Rishi Kumar Kafle-Executive Director
  • Member: Dr.Nabin Basnet, Consultant Nephrologist
  • Member: Subhadra Regmi, Nursing Director
  • Member Secretary: Bimal Baral, Administrative Deputy Director
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