Nepal Government / DAO-Kathmandu Registered No.: 213/051-052
Social Welfare Council Affilation No.: 3250/052-053

On April 8th we can celebrate the twentyfifth anniversary of the National Kidney Center (NKC). This gives us an opportunity to look back.

The idea to open a hospital specializing in dialysis had been on our minds for a longer time, because the existing care for kidney patients in Nepal was insufficient due to a lack of treatment places. It was our goal to give patients in an emergency the necessary help at any time and on any day. Dr. Kafle was able to convince the Health Care Foundation of this idea, and so NKC was opened under the aegis of HECAF in 1997.

Less than a dozen people attempted to form an institution that was depending on expensive equipment, on trained staff and, last but not least, on electricity and water. We knew that it would be difficult, and fortunately we had no idea how difficult. But everyone persevered, and whenever I came to Nepal, NKC had grown in staff size and had become more efficient.

The number of supporters in Germany has grown as well. Technicians and a teaching nurse have given further training to their Nepali colleagues, who in turn have passed on their knowledge to the newly added staff. Originally there were no foreign companies that today partly take over this education. Here I would again like to sincerely thank the German supporters and sponsors. By now NKC is the largest dialysis institution in Nepal with four branches in various parts of the country.

The great test for NKC was the earthquake in April 2015. Within 24 hours after the quake NKC was in working order again and also took care of patients from other institutions. Our staff worked day and night, just the way we once imagined it in the case of an emergency. They have earned our special appreciation.

Without the tireless effort of Dr. Kafle, the reliable assistance of the Health Care Foundation and the good work and support of our German friends, NKC would never have become such an important institution.

Madam Beate Vogt
Goslar, Germany
(Honorary Advisor)


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