Nepal Government / DAO-Kathmandu Registered No.: 213/051-052
Social Welfare Council Affilation No.: 3250/052-053

The National Kidney Center (NKC) is the Nonprofit NGO having largest haemodialysis treatment facility in Nepal operated by Health Care Foundation-Nepal.

NKC is modern up to date facility having capacity to serve up to 250 patient/day for dialysis and 50 patients per day for consultation. Now, NKC operates 80 dialysis machines in 3 stations at Kathmandu valley and 3 stations at Tanahu, Chitwan and Morang respectively The center also boasts having a state of the art water filtration system-essential to safeguarding the safety of the dialysis process with AAMI standard and a unique and much admired Medical waste management system. It is the first NGO Hospital to get ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certification in Nepal.

The center is not for profit and its revenues are derived exclusively from patient fees; however it treats all patients regardless of their ability to pay. While it makes every effort to keep its costs per session for dialysis as low as possible by imposing efficiencies in its operation, making services available to the poor and indigent stress the centers ability to lower dialysis costs further.

National Kidney Center was set up with the help of Mrs. Beate Vogt from Goslar Germany. She is an honorary advisor to NKC. She has taken the initiative to collect, coordinate and dispatch the dialysis machines and other major equipment for the smooth running of the centre. German friends and organizations have also helped in making this centre function well to the best of its capacity. We would also like to mention that the set up and installation has been professionally done with the voluntary help provided by Mr. Peter Reinemann, Mr. Juergen Schaal and Mrs. Karin Mitschke. Government of Nepal and different well wisher from national and international have a great role for the establishment of National Kidney Center.

Objectives of National Kidney Center
The major objectives of the NKC are as follows:

1) To provide high quality preventive and curative service to the kidney patient in accessible and affordable price.

2) To create awareness regarding kidney disease and its prevention to the common people.

3) To strengthen coordination between national and international organizations, hospitals, and experts for the assessable and quality service to the patients.

4) To upgrade knowledge and skill of doctors and other health workers by conducting various educational and training activities and program.

5) To involve on research and publications regarding kidney disease and enhancing the skills of staff.

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