Nepal Government / DAO-Kathmandu Registered No.: 213/051-052
Social Welfare Council Affilation No.: 3250/052-053

Nagarkot Community health service (NCHC) is a community health centre run by Health Care Foundation-Nepal which is the nonprofit NGO working in Health ,Environment and disaster medicine. Though Nagarkot yet being near to Kathmandu valley, this popular tourist area still lacks proper infrastructure for health services because of various reasons. NCHC is now a primary health care center with a focus on health and well being for the communities around Nagarkot.

Nagarkot Community Health Service Centre was formally inaugurated on May 8, 2008 though it was already providing services right from 2002. The Center has been providing OPD, maternal and child health, temporary family planning services, among others since its establishment. It has also been providing consultation service of health problems. There is ambulance service for an emergency need. Apart from these services, the Center is also conducting health camps with the help of voluntary organizations like Rotary and Lions Club. The Center is conducting 'First Aid Camp' on the occasion of Mahadev Pokhari Mela every year. Similarly, Free Kidney Screening programme, Eye and Dental Camps are being organized every year in collaboration with different specialized hospital of Nepal.

At present, four staffs including Health Assistant (HA), Auxiliary Midwife Nurse (ANM), CMA, ambulance driver etc are serving in the Center. Medicines are made available on the cost to cost basis in the clinic.

Nagarkot Community Health Centre is dedicated to meet the health care needs of the Community and people suffering from different diseases.

A Catastrophic earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale magnitude rocked Nepal on April 25 killing 8800 and injuring more than 22000 people. At the time of earthquake Services were going on at Nagarkot Community Health Centre. But there is no physical loss of patients and staffs. It is reported that 4 staffs of Nagarkot Community Health Centre lost their houses.

The one story of new building construction has been completed with the generous efforts of our Honorary Advisor Madam Beate Vogt , Board members of HECAF-Nepal and other well wishers. On the occasion of 20th Anniversary of National Kidney Center Madam Beate Vogt Reinstatement the services of center on April 09, 2017. She donated the necessary logistics arrangements to the community health center during her recent
visit to Nepal

S.N Particular Male Female Total
1 New OPD 802 868 1670
2 F/U OPD 254 247 501
3 MCH Clinic 0 277 277
4 T. F/P (inj, Depo) 0 741 741
5 T.F/P (pills) 0 247 247
6 T. F/P (condoms) 269 0 269
7 Health camp 143 114 257
8 Dental Clinic 91 83 174
9 Ambulance services 88 122 210
  TOTAL 1647 2699 4346
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