Nepal Government / DAO-Kathmandu Registered No.: 213/051-052
Social Welfare Council Affilation No.: 3250/052-053

The NKC has been offering regular clinical practicum training, an essential part of learning to the students for Nursing Colleges and institutions. The students studying, MN, MSC(N), BN, BSC(N), PCL, B Pharma, BPH, BSW, MSW, Biomedical Engineering visit NKC to observe and experience in the dialysis and Medical waste management.

The institutions that recommended students for the NKC for clinical practicum are:

  1. IOM (TU)
  2. Lalitpur Nursing Campus
  3. Pokhara Campus
  4. Sanjeevani College of Medical Sciences
  5. Manamohan Institute of Health Sciences
  6. Chakrabarti Habi Education Academy
  7. Asian College for Advanced Studies
  8. College of Bio Medical Engineering and Applied Science.
  9. St Xavier College
  10. National Academy of Medical Sciences
  11. Hamro Nursing College
  12. Norvic Institute of Nursing Education
  13. Kathmandu University
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