Nepal Government / DAO-Kathmandu Registered No.: 213/051-052
Social Welfare Council Affilation No.: 3250/052-053

NATIONAL KIDNEY CENTER (NKC) has entered its 25th year of service to the nation by providing affordable haemodialysis to patients with Kidney failure. The constant increase in the number of dialysis machines in use at NKC would not be possible without the collective technical and moral support from Germany headed personally by Madam Beate Vogt of GOSLAR. Additional support by the Government of Nepal in authorizing Health Care Foundation Nepal (HECAF) to run NKC with nominal customs duty and vat imposed on it has helped the team of Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Administrators and Supporting Staffs realize the dream of providing world class haemodialysis service in Nepal.

At present, NKC is the largest and the only ISO 9001:2015 certified haemodialysis center in Nepal. It is also the sole faculty that provides haemodilaysis to patients infected with Hepatitis B & C. Furthermore, NKC is the only center supported by the Government in providing free dialysis to senior citizens (above 75 yrs), Indigenous tribes and those infected with HIV positive, Hepatitis B & C. Over the years NKC has also been training nurses to be certified dialysis staff and worked with teams of doctors from various hospitals all over the country to help set up dialysis centers in different parts of Nepal.

I am proud to tell that National Kidney Center has expanded its services at various parts of Nepal inside and outside valley. Now, the time has come to focus for the preventive programme of Kidney diseases.

I hope that with the collective effort from all of us at NKC, continued support from Madame Beate Vogt and her team from Germany and further recognition of our services by the Government of Nepal, on dream of HEALTHY KIDNEYS- HEALTHY NEPAL will be realized.

Dr. Rishi Kumar Kafle, MD, FASN
President-HECAF (Nepal)
Executive Director, Chief Nephrologist-National Kidney Center

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