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National Kidney Center has been offering hemodialysis training course (3 months Basic Course and 3 months Advance Course) since 2057 BS. In the initial days, this center started hemodialysis training with three nurses with incentives. Slowly and gradually, the demand of dialysis training increased with the increase in kidney failure cases. Thenafter, training was given free to the staff nurses and auxiliary nurses. These days the training is given by paying some amount to the center.

Now, due to this growing demand of dialysis centers in national and international health sector, the demand of dialysis nurses has also grown rapidly. Nursing professionals who received hemodialysis training from our center are making remarkable progress in national and international institutions. 

Hemodialysis Nursing Course

National Kidney Center is running a practical based hemodialysis training program. NKC is committed to continually providing quality and excellence in the areas of education, training, and patient care. The principal goal is to insure the best possible treatment and outcomes for our patients. This is an exciting specialty with lecture plus hands-on clinical experience. Taught by nephrology practitioners and other experts in the related fields including nurses, technicians, Ministry of Health (MOH), dieticians etc.

It has been designed specially to produce specialized professionals and workers in the field of “Hemodialysis” focusing nursing professional. The course is completely dedicated to renal patients undergoing hemodialysis as well as the healthy humans who are at the risk of renal problems. This course will also include preventive measures for kidney failure and awareness and screening programs regarding renal problems. The course includes both theory and practical classes simultaneously.

Entrance Process

  1. Advertisement notice will be published in national daily, social medias and website of National Kidney Center regarding new intake of Basic Hemodialysis Nursing Course prior to 1 months of starting the session.
  2. Entrance form charge: 500/-
  3. Attend written exam: Attitude test and theory, interview and practical exam
  4. Candidates will be selected according to the marks obtained in all exams.
  5. Only top 24 candidated will be selected for Basic Hemodialysis Nursing Course.
  6. Before starting the course, the students will be oriented about the Course Module, hospital rules and regulations, etc.

Course Description

This course is an intensive education for any direct patient care- giver in the field of hemodialysis. It provides all basic skills required for employment in a dialysis facility. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to perform all aspects of direct patient care and aware the healthy people for the prevention of kidney diseases.

0.1. Introduction of National Kidney Center
0.2. Interaction with Nursing Supervisior Mrs. Lalita Shrestha
0.3. Interaction with different Experts of Health Sector
0.4. Interaction with HD Patients
0.5. Interaction with Renal Transplant Patient

1. Kidney and Kidney Disease ( 6 days)

1.1. Anatomy and Physiology of Kidney (45min)
1.2. Kidney Diseases (45min)
1.2.1. AKI (45 min)
1.2.2. CKD (90 min) Pathophysiology Complication ( Aneamia, Uremia, HPTH)
1.2.3. Medical Emergencies And its management of Kidney Disease (45min) Pulmonary edema Metabolic acidosis Hyperkalaemia

2. Mode of Treatment For Kidney Disease ( 3 days)

2.1. Renal Replacement Therapy ( 45 min)
2.1.1. Peritoneal Dialysis
2.1.2. Hemodialysis
2.2. Renal Transplant ( 45min)
2.3. History of Dialysis in Nepal ( 45min )

3. Technical Aspects Of Dialysis ( 3 days)

3.1. Hemodialysis Machine ( 45 min)
3.2. Dialyzer (45 mins)
3.3. Dialyzer reprocessing ( 45 min)
3.4. Water Treatment Plant (45 mins)
3.5. BCM Calculation and Infrared Therapy (45 min)

4. Role of Nurses for Dialysis Patient ( 6 days)

4.1. Care of Hemodialysis Patient (45 min)
4.2. Care of Vascular Access ( 45 min)
4.3. Anticogulantion ( 45 min)
4.4. Complication During Hemodialysis ( 45 min)
4.5. Working in Isolation environment ( 45 min)
4.6. Team work and Communication ( 45 min)

5. Diet, Drug & Lab Tests For Kidney Patient ( 3 days)

5.1. Drug Management for Patients under Hemodialysis ( 45 min)
5.2. Diet Management for Patients under Hemodialysis ( 45 min)
5.3. Pathology Tests for Patients under Hemodialysis (45 min)

6. Health Care Waste management & Infection Prevention( 4 days)

6.1. Safe Health Care Waste Management ( 45min)
6.2. Safe Health care waste management in National Kidney Center (45 min)
6.3. Occupational Health and safety (45 mins)
6.4. Infection prevention practices at National Kidney Center (45mins)

7. Quality of Hemodialysis (45 min)

7.1. Quality of life of hemodialysis patient (Home Visit)
7.2. Quality of Hemodialysis nurse
7.3. Adequacy of Hemodialysis

8. Prevention of Kidney Disease and kidney screening program (45 min)

# Home Visit (Group Wise)
# Project Work

Instruction in dialysis clinics is all "hands-on" including: preparation of the artificial kidneys, patient assessments, universal precautions, fluid management, initiating and concluding dialysis, access to the circulation, patient and equipment monitoring, and the treatment of routine hemodialysis problem in accordance with the standard dialysis procedures and policies of the facilities. Our faculty's sole duty is to teach and supervise students in the clinical facilities.

Admission Requirement:

Eligibility: PCL , BN, B.Sc Nursing, MN
Medium: Nepali and English
Documents required:

  1. Transcript and pass certificate of SLC, PCL, BN, B.Sc. Nursing or MN or its euivalent
  2. Nursing License
  3. Passport size photo: 2
  4. Citizenship certificate
  5. Curriculum Vitae

Examination: The examination will be taken at the end of the session.
Program Fees: Rs. 20,000/- in package (including health checkups, tea allowance, slippers, course handbook, log book).
Program Durations: 3 months (Basic Hemodialysis Nursing Course) 3 months (Advance Hemodialysis Nursing Course).
Program Structure : The Program consists of a theory and practical classes promoting sensitization through practice based learning.


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